Brain injuries can be a complex set of injuries caused by a variety of physical forces such as a motor vehicle accident, fall, or exposure to an improvised explosive device (IED). Survivors of brain injury may be left with significant changes in how they think, behave, remember, and communicate. Some of these more common symptoms may include trouble remembering things or concentrating, difficulty sleeping, headaches, irritability, and mood changes.

  • For more information about common symptoms or other information about traumatic brain injury (TBI)/concussion and posttraumatic stress (PTS), please refer to the resources page.
  • If you are currently experiencing symptoms of TBI or PTS please contact us. Your participation in clinical research is the key to advancing important research of TBI and PTS. 
  • Family members and friends can be in the best position to recognize the symptoms of TBI/concussion and PTS before anyone else. If you are a family member or friend of someone experiencing signs or symptoms of TBI or PTS, please encourage your loved one to contact us to participate.

Helping as a Healthy Volunteer

Advancing clinical research requires the participation of many research volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering and do not have symptoms of TBI or PTS, please visit the participation page. Healthy individuals are critical to the success of clinical research. They provide clinical researchers with vital controls that enable a comparison of findings between those who have had certain exposures, experiences, or symptoms and those who have not. For further information, please visit the participation page.

Current Studies

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